The world's first oncolytic bacterial carrier

YB1, the world's only oncolytic bacterial carrier with independent technology patents, can carry different drug warheads to accurately target solid tumors and cause tumor ablation

It is safe and effective, and can self replicate in a large number of tumors

The target of tumor can be regulated by oxygen, which can reduce the damage to normal organs greatly, and the safety is the highest. Moreover, it can be reproduced in large quantities in the tumor, which can significantly improve the drug concentration in the tumor

Strong drug delivery capability

In addition, YB1 has the strongest drug carrying capacity among oncolytic vectors. It can carry protein drugs, antibodies, mRNA, and even oncolytic viruses, which greatly enhances the therapeutic effect

High quality compatibility

It can realize the compatibility of YB1 with chemotherapy drugs, immune checkpoint antibody and car-t cell technology, and increase the curative effect and diversification

Combined with liquid biopsy of urine tumor, it can be commercialized quickly

The world's first urine free DNA biopsy technology can realize the perfect combination with YB1 treatment