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  • 01 YB1-TOX YB1+Protein drugs Sarcoma
    Yb1-tox is the company's first product, which carries anti-tumor cell drugs. At present, the clinical test of pets has been completed, and the preclinical test of human body will be carried out in June 2021; according to the progress of GMP plant construction of the company, the GMP standard products will be produced in September 2021 for the application of phase I clinical trial.
  • 02 YB1-PDL1
    YB1+Antibody PDL1 positive
    Melanoma / Solid tumor
    Yb1-pdl1 and YB1-CD47 are the second generation products which are mainly characterized by carrying and releasing humanized antibodies PDL1 and CD47 in tumor.
  • 03 YB1-mRNA YB1-mRNA vaccine Solid tumor The main characteristic of YB1-mRNA is that the mRNA antigen vaccine is carried by YB1 and released within the tumor.
  • 04 YB1-ONV YB1+Oncolytic virus Melanoma Yb1-onv is the next generation product of the company. It carries the whole genome of oncolytic virus through YB1, which is used to release oncolytic virus in tumor and increase the targeting specificity of oncolytic virus.
  • 05 YB1-ADC-Her2
    YB1 suface conjugated Her2 antibodies HER2 positive breast cancer
    PDL1 positive melanoma
    CD47 high expression tumor
    In addition to carrying various warhead drugs, YB1 can also use the antibody drug conjugate (ADC) mode: yb1-adc products regulate the expression of YB1 internal genes, and present the antibody sequence to the appearance of YB1 for display, so as to realize the antibody coupling effect. At present, it has entered the preclinical research and development stage.
  • 06 YB1-rt-PA
    (Modified version YB1 for thrombolysis)
    Recombinant urokinase(rt-PA) Various thrombi YB1 can be used not only in the field of tumor treatment, but also in the treatment of various thrombosis. YB1 RT PA is the first generation of targeted thrombolysis products. It is mainly characterized by carrying through YB1 and releasing urokinase at the thrombus site to achieve the effect of rapid targeted release of thrombolytic drugs. Urokinase is produced by the kidney in the human body and can directly activate plasminogen into plasmin. In medicine, urokinase is the first generation of natural thrombolytic drug extracted from urine.